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Handmade Scented Candle Making Workshop with Sandrine
Sandrine Tusin

Unleash your creativity and craft your own scented soy wax candles!

Class content:

Candle making is one of the most fun and entertaining activities to do. It’s easy to make, yet rewarding. By mastering the basic techniques of candle making, you will be able to craft unlimited creations that you can imagine of.

In this uplifting workshop, Sandrine Tusin from ScentArtisity will guide you through the step-by step methods, from the beginning until the end. Sandrine who has a strong background in art as painter will help you evoke your sense of smell (through aromatherapy) and your sense of sight (through art therapy) by creating these uplifting scented soy wax candles. This program is designed to facilitate the relaxation of mind, body and spirit through scent and art.

The class is set up in a lively ambience, located in a trendy area in Pinnacle @Duxton and kept in a small group to maintain the conviviality and jolliness.

Connect your senses, heart and soul with art & aromatherapy

What’s included in this workshop:

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Candle wicks
  • Essential oils at your choice (vanilla maple, pure lavender, lemongrass & green-tea, citrus scent created by Allison Simon)
  • Small tin containers


  • Light refreshments 
  • Group photo session at the Pinnacle @Duxton rooftop

Class leader:
Sandrine Tusin

About the class leader:

Sandrine Tusin originally hails from Paris and lived in New York and San Francisco over a period of a decade. For the last fifteen years she has lived in Singapore, where she has settled with her Singaporean husband and three children.

 In Singapore, she was introduced to brush painting classes and has been able to express herself through art. Sandrine has been practicing art as a way of conveying her love of nature and it has been therapy for her to her to attain the “qi”, translated as "energy flow," an important balancing element in Asian culture.

Sandrine draws her inspiration from her rich worldly experiences and from people she meets through her journey. Her artwork communicates peace, love and harmony in Chinese style watercolor with traditional techniques intertwined with contemporary story-telling. Her art pieces, painted on Chinese and Japanese rice paper are evident of her childhood year in Paris, professional years in New York, Paris and San Francisco, and Asian influences from living and travelling throughout the region.

About ScentArtisity

Two women and two brands, who were eager to create and share their passion with the world. ScentArtisity's unique concept is brought together with a whole lot of soul and a "dash of love"!

 ScentArtisity is a collaboration between SandrineArt & Adora by Hally Essentials, showcasing the diversity of ART and SCENT. Together we have launched scented greeting cards and are individually featuring art tiles and essential oils.

ScentArtisity was born in March 2016, when Sandrine, from SandrineArt, and Alison, from Adora by Hally Essentials, had a strong desire to have a name that would embody their brands individually, as well as, encompass what they create collectively. After a brief brainstorming session, the name ScentArtisity felt like a natural fit being that it's a collaboration between art and aromatherapy, and the first two letter of their names, S and A.

In the spirit of keeping their collaboration non digital, Sandrine painted the lotus, a flower deeply associated with aromatherapy, and the colors of the petals represent the five elements; Fire-Earth-Metal-Water-Wood, and the paint brushes symbolize the two brands coming together in art and creativity. A harmonious representation of Sandrine and Alison.

The mission statement; "Divinely guided to create, share and heal," comes from Sandrine and Alison's intention to go with the flow in their daily lives, following their heart and intuition, allowing themselves to be guided by God and the universe.

Prerequisite skills:


Participants will make homemade scented candles 



Special equipment to bring:
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