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Everyone Needs Interpersonal Communication Skills
Jia Jun Tan

In today’s fast moving world, mastering interpersonal skills is very important. Interpersonal communication is one of the skills that you often use both in professional and personal contexts.

Class content:

What is interpersonal communication? It is a process of exchanging information, feelings and meaning using verbal and non-verbal messages. Sometimes it’s also called face-to-face communication. Not only it requires an excellent command of language, this face-to-face communication involves also tone of voice, facial expression, gesture, as well as body language.

Employers often look for employees with excellent interpersonal skills, in particularly interpersonal communication. If you are interested to brush up your interpersonal communication skills, join us for this 1-hour talk with Jia Jun Tan from Get Dreams LLP.

During this 1-hour session, you will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate a positive first impression (it will come handy when you go for job interviews, networking events, or when you are in a meeting with clients or customers). 
  • Identify if you are left or right brainer (and how to communicate better to the other party)
  • Recognise 3 common mistakes that you might do in networking events (so next time you will not make the same mistake ever again!)

Class leader:
Jia Jun Tan

About the class leader:

Jia Jun is the founder of Get Dreams. Being a dreamer himself, he always sought to turn his dreams into reality. He made the leap from employee to becoming an entrepreneur. He is also the network owner of Business FUN as well as co-owner of the Intelligent Millionaires Network. He was invited to the NUS Entrepreneurship Society to share his learning journey with the students and inspire them.

Prerequisite skills:


Participants will learn and practice interpersonal communication skills with the coach. 



Special equipment to bring:
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