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Healing for Kids
Emotional Healing Indonesia

Healing for Kids is a process of introducing emotional management to children. In this session, children will learn how to balance their negative emotions and the positive ones. Children will also learn how to react when they have to face situations they don’t like and those that make them feel uncomfortable. 

Class content:

Children develop their social emotional skills since early childhood. These skills are very important as they will give an influence on children’s mental health and wellbeing later in their adult life. As parents, we need to understand that children’s reactions to various feelings they experience during childhood can be instrumental on shaping their behavior and their decision making style in their adult life. Understanding emotion management will be very useful for children so they can enjoy life better, now and in the future!

This programme is designed for kids aged 6-10 years old. Through interactive activities such as games, drawing, venting session, and writing therapy, children are encouraged to learn and practice new skills that can shape their characters: how to interact with new people, how to speak up in a way that they can express themselves better. These various interactive activities will also help children to be able to get out of the comfort zone and to be ready to face any challenges.

Mastering emotion management will also boost children’s self confidence and improve their social skills. At school, they will study better and know how to work in a team.

Trainer will guide participants to practice the healing methods together in a group therapy.

This class is conducted in Bahasa Indonesia and open for children aged 6 to 10 years old. 

For more information, please contact Annisa Kartika Sari at +65 9856 9344. 

Class leader:
Irma Rahayu

About the class leader:

Irma Rahayu is a soul healer. She began her career as a soul healer since 2008. Originally from Indonesia, she has helped people to find their identity and solutions to various life challenges. Irma works with adults as well as children. She covers topics such as finance, career, health and relationship. She develops a healing method that has brought her outside of her native country. She has travelled to the USA and Hong Kong to help people facing their life challenge. Until now, thousands of clients have benefitted from her healing therapy.

Prerequisite skills:


Children will learn about their emotions, how to identity and manage them



Special equipment to bring:

Wear comfortable clothes. 

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