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About us

skillagogo is a knowledge-sharing platform aiming to transform the way everyone grows throughout their lives, personally and professionally. In other words, skillagogo is all about lifelong learning.

Our mission is to create a better experience in teaching and learning and make the whole learning process more social, interactive and empowering. Through skillagogo, we want to connect two complementary universes: the world of teaching with the world of learning.

If we leverage technology to reinvent education, our core belief is that direct human interactions remain ideal to unleash teaching potential and maximize learning outcomes: our experience starts online but finishes offline, in the real world.

To achieve our goals, we have started our journey by building a digital platform for anyone willing to teach and anyone willing to learn. Soon enough, we will bring to life other components to take the entire experience to the next level, allowing learners and teachers alike to be fully empowered.

On our platform, you will find various courses, classes and workshop offered by reputable course providers in Singapore and Indonesia. Our focus is to bring you the skill development courses that you need for your personal and professional development such as art & craft, hobbies, culture, business, lifestyle, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, industry-related trainings, and many more.

We believe there is plenty knowledge to be shared and plenty of skills to be showcased out there: skillagogo aims to bring all of this only a few clicks away from you!

We will not stop until skillagogo becomes the go-to platform where you can find all the classes, courses, workshops you have always dreamed of taking.

We will not stop until skillagogo becomes the go-to platform where you can teach all the classes, courses, workshops you have always dreamed of teaching.

our team
Maxime Mouton

Maxime has been there all along since the ideas was created. An engineer by training and a strategic thinker by profession, Maxime has always been passionate about all things creating - and about challenging himself in the process. After getting his MBA degree from INSEAD, this French native and dad of two decided to get settled in SEA and to dedicate his time and heart to grow skillagogo in Singapore and Indonesia. When not crunching some numbers, Maxime plays tennis and edits his videos.

Nino Mouton

A former journalist-writer-editor turned web entrepreneur, Nino is a Javanese native who is cosmopolitan at heart: she has lived in Indonesia, France, USA and now Singapore. A while back, this Universite of Gadjah Mada and Universite de Nancy graduate was the Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Indonesia. Now at skillagogo, she will try her best to make sure that you have a great experience in teaching or learning. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters and writing short stories that she publishes on her personal website.