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frequently asked questions
Part I. Using skillagogo website:

skillagogo is a marketplace for learning and teaching. skillagogo features classes, workshops and courses conducted by qualified and experiencedteachers or trainers. On skillagogo, you will discover content in the domains of arts, design & culture, business, food & drink, lifestyle, parenting & family and technology. Our primary goal is to provide you with high quality content from qualified and experienced teachers. Booking a class with skillagogo is free and easy. Sign up here.

You can sign up as teacher or as student for free. skillagogo is not a membership-based website and there is no registration fee. If you are interested to book a class with skillagogo, the only thing you need to do is to sign up as student here. If you are a course provider/teacher and you wish to list your classes with us, simply register as a teacher, list your class by filling out a simple form, and publish it. You can leave the rest with us.

skillagogo is for everybody! Learning and teaching do not have age, gender, interest limitations. Learning a new skill enriches your life and skillagogo encourages you to learn anywhere you want, anytime you want! If you are a course provider, skillagogo allows you to improve your online exposure, build your audience, boost your marketing presence, and, of course, increase your revenue. Our goal is to offer you a complete learning and teaching experience.

skillagogo classes are currently available in Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia. We will be launching soon in other cities in Indonesia. Stay updated and subscribe to our newsletter! Click here.

skillagogo provides you with various classes in the following categories:

  • Arts, Design & Culture:
    • Photography
    • Graphic & Design
    • Painting & Drawing
    • Creative Writing
    • Advertising
    • Media & Communication
    • Film & Video
    • Music & Audio
    • Hobbies & Craft
    • Dance & Performing Arts
    • Fashion & Beauty
    • Foreign Language
    • Home Interior Design
  • Business:
    • Finance
    • Marketing & Online Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business Coaching
    • Personal Development & Leadership
  • F&B:
    • Cooking & Baking
    • Drink & Bartending
    • Wine Culture
  • Lifestyle:
    • General Health & Women’s Health
    • Sports, Fitness & Wellness
    • Diet & Nutrition
    • Psychology & Therapy
  • Parenting & Family:
    • Parenting Guide
    • Kids Arts
    • Kids Sports & Leisure
  • Tech:
    • Programming
    • Web Design
    • Mobile App
    • Science

The world of knowledge is infinite and we are very likely to add more categories overtime!

Yes, avec plaisir! We will be more than happy to welcome qualified teachers based on your recommendation, please click here or drop us a line at

We are always looking for good talents to join our international team in Singapore, Jakarta, and other cities in Indonesia. Visit our Career page here or send your resume to We will contact you if your profile matches our requirements.

We will be launching our mobile application very soon. Be the first to know about our mobile app launch and get a discount or promotion by registering your email address here.

Part II. Learning on skillagogo:
A. General:

Everybody above the age of 18 can register with skillagogo. It’s free and hassle-free. Simply go to our sign-up page by clicking here.

Signing up with skillagogo is absolutely free! You are not required to buy packages or membership plans. You only pay when you book a class with skillagogo.

It’s simple! When you find a class that suits you, click on the “Book a Class” button and you will be asked to give your contact details and payment method (currently skillagogo accepts PayPal in Singapore and bank/ATM transfer in Indonesia). After confirming your booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You did not receive a confirmation email? Make sure your email address is correct. To check this, go to your Dashboard -> My Account -> Contact Info. Also check your spam/junk folder to see if our emails are filtered by your email client. Your booking will be immediately accessible in your dashboard.

As skillagogo is not a formal education institution, we do not provide you with a Certificate of Completion. However, some class providers/schools may issue a Certificate of Completion, depending on the class you are attending. You may check whether a class provider issue a Certificate of Completion in the class details section.

B. Price & Payment:

skillagogo currently accepts payment by PayPal for classes in Singapore. If you book classes on our website in Indonesia, you may pay by completing a bank or ATM transfer. To complete your payment, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment page where you can choose a way to pay with PayPal: by your credit card or by your Paypal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please click here. For payment by bank or ATM transfer, after completing your payment, please send a payment confirmation to skillagogo:

Payment with skillagogo is safe. By using PayPal, you do not need to share your financial details nor to register your credit card numbers on skillagogo website.

When booking with skillagogo, you are not able to pay the class provider directly.

C. Reviews, Attendance & Refunds:

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to share your experience with the teacher on the skillagogo website. This feature becomes available only after you have attended the class. Students who have not attended the class will not be able to write a review on a class or a teacher.

Your review is important to the teacher. It will help the teacher to improve his/her content of his/her class and his/her online reputation. We encourage you to leave an honest and fair review, as the teacher will value it to better understand his/her performance. Your feedback will help other students to make the right decision when choosing a suitable teacher.

When the course provider cancels a class, you will be notified and we will arrange another schedule for you (if applicable). If the course provider does not have any schedule for the same class, your payment will be converted into skillagogo credits that you can use to pay for another class.

Head over to your dashboard and choose the new class schedule. In the event that there is no other class schedule, you may convert your payment into skillagogo credits that you can use to pay for another class.

If you are not able to attend the class you have already booked, you will be able to cancel your registration up to 72 hours before the class starts. Please use the cancellation button in your dashboard.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a refund. Your payment will be converted into skillagogo credits that you can use to book another class for yourself or your loved ones!

skillagogo credits are a store credit that you can use to pay for any class listed on skillagogo. These credits have a validity of 12 months. You will get an alert when your skillagogo credits are approaching the end of their validity. You may not transfer your skillagogo credit to someone else, nor cash it out. Your skillagogo credits can be used to book classes during promotion or special offer campaigns, terms and conditions may apply.

Part III. Teaching on skillagogo:
A. General

Everyone who has a skill to share can teach and list his/her classes on skillagogo! Whether you are an individual teacher or a small, medium or big educational institution, skillagogo helps you market your classes more effectively.

Offering a class with skillagogo is free, and will always be. We do not charge when you list your classes on skillagogo. We take a small commission only when someone registers for your class through skillagogo.

When someone registers for your class through skillagogo, we take a 15% commission on the class price.

As you list your class, we encourage you to write the class description as accurately as possible. Our “Create a Class” feature has been designed to give you the flexibility to create a complete description of what you are offering. Filling out all fields in this feature will help you maximise the relevance of your class.

skillagogo is a marketplace specialising in providing courses, classes and workshops to the public. As a class provider, registering with skillagogo helps you channel your class to your targeted audience. Now you can focus on teaching, and leave the rest with us.

We do not provide a physical venue for teachers at this moment. However we will be launching an additional service to help you find a venue for your class. Stay tuned!

Yes, you absolutely can. However if you do so, you will not be able to use skillagogo analytics services to see multiple metrics about your class and improve your marketing campaigns.

Yes, you can. If your institution gives a certificate to your students, you can state this in your class description.

We suggest that you change the schedule instead of completely deleting the class. However under certain circumstances, you are allowed to delete your class by filling up the form that you can find in your dashboard, up to 48 hours before the class starts. Please do note that admin fee may apply for class cancellation.

B. Using “Create a Class

“Create a Class” is a tool that you can use to create your Class Profile Page. When you are ready to list a class with skillagogo, you can click the “Create a Class” button on our website. This feature is designed to give you flexibility to explain your students what your class is all about. A clear and good copywriting will help you market your class more effectively.

You may change some information about your class under certain conditions:

  • Change of price: you are only allowed to change your class price when no students are registered
  • Change of schedule: you are allowed to change your class schedule up to 48 hours before the class starts.
  • Change of venue address: you are allowed to change your class location.

skillagogo will not be held responsible should there be complaint or registration cancellation from the students due to class change.

If you have a problem using the “Create a Class” feature, we will be more than happy to help. Drop us a line at

C. Pricing

skillagogo does not want to interfere with your pricing. All prices in Singapore website are in Singaporean Dollar and in Indonesia website are in Indonesian Rupiah.

D. Payouts & Refunds:

The teacher payout is your earnings from teaching. Each time you deliver a class successfully, you will be able to claim your payouts. Currently monthly transfer is available on our payout system.

Your payouts will be transferred out monthly.

The breakdown of your total earnings can be viewed in your dashboard.

E. Reviews

Students can write a review after attending your class. The review will be published on the Class Profile Page and Teacher Profile Page. To view all the reviews you have received from your students, you can go to your dashboard in the Reviews section.

No. After a review is published, it will stay in your profile. We encourage learners to leave an honest and accurate review to help the community learn about your class. Having said that, if you receive a review that violates the community guidelines, you may write to us and we will help you resolve the problem. Send your email to

Yes. You can share your reviews on social media. If you pair your skillagogo profile to your social media accounts, you will be able to share your reviews on your social media profiles.

Part IV. Using Your Dashboard:

You can manage your account settings by visiting your dashboard. Go to “My Account” to complete/modify your contact details, such as birthday, address, email address, etc.

You can change your password by visiting your dashboard “My Account” and click the “Password Settings” tab.

You can change your email notifications and newsletter subscription preferences in your dashboard by going to “My Account” and clicking the “Email Notifications” tab.

Visit your dashboard and click the “Email Notifications” tab. You will be able to unsubscribe from email notifications. If you change your mind you can always re-subscribe anytime at your convenience!

You can see your payment histroy by visiting your dashboard “My Account” and click “Purchase History”.

The list of your earnings (“payout”) will be recorded in your dashboard in the “Teacher Payouts” section.

Letting us know about your interests will allow us to create a more personalized recommendation for you. We don’t want you to miss interesting classes and based on your interests, you will be recommended classes that suit you.

Your class history will reflect in your dashboard. You can visit “My Class List” to see the list of your ongoing classes, as well as your previous classes. In “My Schedule” you will see the dates of your upcoming classes

Your class occupancy will be recorded your dashboard under “My Classes” and you can click the “My Class Progress” tab. Should you wish to get information anytime there is a new update about your class progress (someone enrolling in your class, someone adding your class to his/her wishlist, etc.) you can subscribe to our email notification.

“My Data” in your dashboard is a tool for you to view the summary of your classes listed on skillagogo. You can view the total number of classes you have conducted, the number of hours, the total number of students, etc.

If you wish to delete your account, visit your dashboard “My Account” and click on the “Password Settings” tab. Allow us to remind you that account deletion is permanent and non-reversible. If you delete your account, it will be gone forever.